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Story About "Ahgoo Jhim"

Ahgoo Jhim is a seafood dish with steamed monkfish, warty sea squirts, and vegetables in a hot and spicy sauce. The main ingredient is of course the monkfish but bean sprouts and green onions add important crunchy textures and savory flavors to the dish. All of the elements are cooked and amalgamated together in a special sauce, consisting of red hot chilli flakes, minced garlic, fish sauce, and soy sauce. Having the fish steamed makes the monkfish meat just fall off the bone and melt in your mouth. It has the softest texture with slight chewiness. The bean sprouts on the other hand add some nice crunchiness to what can be an otherwise very mushy dish. For the longest time, fishers threw the monkfish back into the sea after catching them along with other fish. They didn’t think to cook it because of its heinous appearance, but one time when it was properly cooked, everyone loved how it tasted. Ever since then, Ahgoo Jhim has become a beloved seafood dish perfect during the cold weather. Not only is it hot and spicy, but it's also deeply nourishing. Monkfish has many known health benefits in asian cuisine, such as lowering blood pressure, vitalizing the liver, and helping to prevent dementia. On a more practical note, it’s also a great remedy for hangovers. For those interested in having better skin, monkfish also boasts a lot of collagen content in its fins, which can help to improve your skin’s elasticity. Its dietary upsides has made Ahgoo Jhim very popular, but for seafood lovers, it’s simply quite delicious. The generous portion of this dish makes it ideal for sharing. The richness in flavors of this dish pairs amazingly with a bowl of rice along with other banchans like steamed eggs. The sheer redness of the dish can seem a little daunting to some people, who shy away from spicy foods, but once you try it, you’ll understand why it’s such a fan favorite. Where to find Ahgoo Jhim on our menu (menu number S1: Want to learn how to make Ahgoo Jhim? Check out this video:

Posted on 11/4/2019
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