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Story About "Chadolbagyi Gui"

Chadolbagi Gui is one of the most recognizable and classic Korean barbecue cuts of beef. Pieces of thinly sliced prime beef brisket became popular because of its distinctly juicy and meaty flavors. Chadolbagi Gui is extra juicy and delicious thanks to its relatively higher fat to meat ratio. Unlike other Korean barbecue staples like bulgogi and galbi, Chadolbagi comes unseasoned. The incredible marbling on this particular cut of meat makes it so that it doesn’t need any extra seasoning. The meat itself carries so much flavor that applying heavy marinade would likely ruin those flavors. Even the way Chadolbagi is cut, in its paper thin width, is unique and designed to optimize its taste and texture. As soon as you place a slice of it on a hot grill, Chadolbagi curls up and cooks super fast. Its fat grills along with the meat to bring out the amazing meaty flavors. The lightest dip in the sesame sauce with salt and ground black pepper is all you need to have a mouth watering satisfaction of meaty goodness. As far as its texture, Chadolbagi is soft enough to have only slight chewiness that simply melts in your mouth. The minimum order for Chadolbagi Gui is two portions, so you can enjoy it in a variety of ways, whether it’s making a ssam with other banchan options or having it straight with the dip sauce. Grilled scallions, kimchi, and Doenjang Jjigae all pair heavenly with Chadolbagi Gui, complementing and enhancing its richness and nuttiness. Where to find Chadolbagi Gui on our menu (menu number B7:

Posted on 12/9/2019
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