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Story About "Dak Gui"

Dak Gui is marinated boneless chicken breast barbecue. Lesser known amongst Korean BBQ varieties, Dak Gui is nonetheless a tasty and healthy alternative to other red meat Korean barbecue options. For meat lovers averse to red meat, Dak Gui can be an excellent way of enjoying some fine K-BBQ! Chicken is truly a universally beloved ingredient. As a healthy and lean source of protein with not much fat content yet still boasting great nutty and meaty flavors, chicken is used in pretty much every type of major cuisine you can think of. But what makes Dak Gui special and gives it that distinct Korean flair is in the marinade sauce. Between choices of having it either spicy or mild, condiments like gochujang add tanginess, sweetness, and spiciness to the barbecued chicken that make its flavors truly unique. Dak Gui is different from rotisserie chicken in that it’s not necessarily slow cooked, but uses table-top griddles to be grilled on the spot, which adds some nice smoke to the meat and enhances it with even that much more deliciousness. The marinade sauce gives the chicken a juicy and rich meat texture and prevents it from going dry whilst having it grilled makes the texture delightfully crispy. Dak Gui is served with banchans including leafy vegetables like lettuce. So for those who desire more flavors, we recommend that you make a ssam. In order to make a ssam, pick a piece of lettuce, then place Dak Gui with a dab of ssamjang on the lettuce, and perhaps even add on some banchan like kimchi. How much food you put on your lettuce depends on how big you want your ssam to be. Once you have all the components that you want to be eaten together, use the lettuce as a wrap to envelop everything. The last step is perhaps the most important. Open your mouth as wide as you can, and pop it all in for that amazing munch! Where to find Dak Gui on our menu (menu number B8: https://www.hwagaejangtuh.com/home/menu/bbq

Posted on 11/11/2019
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