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One of the most popular Korean barbecue dishes has to be Joomulluck thanks to its rich flavors and supreme cuts of meat. It is a style of Korean barbecue that entails marinating thinly cut slices of meat in a special sauce then grilling them right on the spot to create a main dish that is filling and packed with flavor. Savory tastes of the marinade sauce marries beautifully with the chewy and fatty textures of the meat. The beauty of Joomulluck is in using only the best prime short rib slices that has great marbling. The way the meat is prepped and cut is intended to make each bite even juicier, softer, and more tender that it simply melts in your mouth. The cutting process also helps with letting the marinade sauce seep and soak right through the meat so that when you grill them, all of the flavors come together. Joomulluck’s marinade sauce is simple yet perfect, primarily comprising of sesame oil, salt, black pepper, and garlic. Due to its simplicity, each ingredient not only truly shines through but also all of the nutty, fatty, salty, and savory tastes compliment one another. Joomulluck goes amazingly well with a bowl of rice as well as with other banchans such as kimchi and green onion salad. Many people love to have Joomulluck in a ssam, placing a piece of meat in a sheet of lettuce along with other condiments and side dishes to make a wrap. It’s also a popular anju, which means that people often enjoy Joomulluck with alcoholic drinks. We recommend trying it with soju. A shot of soju, a signature Korean liquor, is a great accompaniment to Joomulluck’s layers of flavors.

Posted on 8/21/2019

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