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Story About "Hwagaejangtuh: Sustaining Community Connection Beyond Lunar New Year"

This Lunar New Year, the spirit of generosity and cultural preservation thrived in Rockville, Maryland. At Hwagaejangtuh, the local authentic Korean restaurant, we demonstrated our unwavering commitment to the local community by donating Duk Guk (떡국), a traditional Korean New Year's dish, to the students at the Korean School at Herbert Hoover Middle School. Beyond seasonal celebrations, our impact extends to fostering cultural connections and making a meaningful difference in others' lives.

Duk Guk symbolizes enduring values such as family, unity, and hope for the future. At Hwagaejangtuh, our employees share the heartwarming impact of serving dishes like Duk Guk to customers, creating a sense of warmth and coziness with each serving.

By sharing this tradition as a part of our menu, we strive to nurture a sense of belonging and shared identity within the community. We were grateful to have planted seeds of cultural appreciation and understanding among students through this donation. Through our commitment to serving special meals, we will continue to create a healing and unifying experience for the communities we serve.

Posted on 2/28/2024
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