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Story About "Yook Hwae"

Yook Hwae (육회) is a Korean fresh steak tartare dish. As one of our chef’s specialties, Yook Hwae has a delicious nutty flavor that pairs excellently with our house liquor of choice, soju, which is also a classic Korean liquor. This cold dish is comprised of seasoned raw beef, chopped fruits and vegetables, and garnished with pine nuts and fresh egg yolk. We recommend first popping the egg, then mixing it well with the rest of the beef, fruits, and vegetables like pear and carrots so that you get a taste of each element with every bite. The combination of sweet and salty flavors in the dish make it an amazing appetizer or side dish to your meal. Yook Hwae is considered a niche luxury plate because the raw ingredients in the dish require absolute freshness. This is why we only use fresh good quality beef that is tender and lean with minimal fat. Also, despite the amount of beef, the dish doesn’t feel heavy because of the mix of fruits and vegetables. The lingering taste afterwards is a perfect blend of light and fatty savory sweetness. The seasoning is simple, consisting of garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, and black pepper, but packs a punch with those few ingredients.

Posted on 4/6/2019
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