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Our story of Duk Guk

Happy New Year! 2020 welcomes a new decade and celebration of the Lunar New Year is soon approaching. Each Asian country has their own distinct traditions surrounding New Years Day observance. In Korean culture, friends and family customarily gather to play games like Yut Nori, to pay respect to elders, and to have a bowl of Duk Guk. This bowl is a rice cake soup in beef broth with delicious garnishes of eggs, green onions, seaweed paper, and beef slices. The textures are mainly chewy and slurpy thanks to the star ingredient, rice cakes. They have an addictive gummy-like stick to them that is quite fun to eat. The flavors consist of a perfect blend of rich savoriness and nuttiness from the beef broth. It’s surely filling and hearty enough to be a meal, and the warmth from the soup make it ideal to have in cold seasons. The Lunar New Year is one of the biggest holidays in Korea, and eating a bowl of Duk Guk marks a person’s aging by one year. Symbolically, the white color of rice cakes represents a fresh new start, and their round coin shape suggests a sign of prosperity to come in the future. Let's enjoy the Year of the Mouse with a bowl of Duk Guk! Where to find Duk Guk on our menu (menu number H4: https://www.hwagaejangtuh.com/home/menu/soup)

Posted on 1/9/2020

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