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Our story of Hae Jang Guk

Hae Jang Guk is a bone soup with beef neck and an assortment of healthy vegetables. The name of this delicious soup, Hae Jang Guk, in Korean literally translates to hangover soup. This name was given because people often enjoyed this soup the day following a night of drinking rounds of soju. The hot savory broth helps to wash down and calm whatever is left over in an upset stomach. Hardcore fans of hangover cure soups all have their usual spots that they prefer to go to with each having their own distinct recipes, which are generations old. The version at Hwa Gae Jang Tuh attends to the classic way of creating the original tastes of Hae Jang Guk, which involves letting the beef broth simmer for hours with the neck bone to get a hearty and creamy soup that will be a sumptuous foundation for items added later on like napa cabbage and green onions. The recommended way of having this dish is with a bowl of rice and some banchans that are staples in Korean cuisine like kimchi. Tanginess from the kimchi beautifully complements and breaks down the rich fattiness of the soup. Mixing the soup in with the rice either by dunking the entire bowl of rice in the soup or by putting the soup on rice is a very popular way of eating this soup. For working men and women in Korea, Hae Jang Guk is not only great for quickly beating their hangovers, but also an affordable option to fuel up on good nutrition of meat, vegetables, and carbs all in one meal. Where to find Hae Jang Guk on our menu (menu number H6: https://www.hwagaejangtuh.com/home/menu/soup) Want to learn how to make Hae Jang Guk? Check out this video:

Posted on 10/14/2019

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