Our story of Jajang Myun

Much like Jjam Pong (also found on our lunch menu), Jajang Myun is a star noodle dish that has its roots in both Korean and Chinese cuisine. Often called the heavenly match to Jjam Pong, Jajang Myun’s sweet and savory taste starkly contrasts the hot and spicy flavors of Jjam Pong. It is prepared by stir frying chopped vegetables like onions, garlic, and potato in a wok with pork. Once they are thoroughly cooked in heated oil, black bean paste is added to bring all the flavors together and give depth to the taste. When the black bean sauce is completed, pour it over perfectly cooked noodles and mix it well together until every noodle is coated with the sauce. This dish is incredibly filling and no doubt a carbo load, which is probably why it’s a staple in fast delivery Korean food culture, not to mention it’s massively popular amongst children. Come and enjoy this beloved dish for lunch with us!

Posted on 2/25/2019

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