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Story About "Yennal Bulgogi"

Yennal Bulgogi is a traditional version of the incredibly popular Korean BBQ dish Bulgogi. Yennal Bulgogi is a little bit more soupy with lighter seasoning and more fresh vegetables like mushrooms, onions, and scallions. All the elements that make bulgogi so delicious like its seasoning and meat texture remain generally the same just with slight modifications. The contents of the marinade sauce include soy sauce, minced garlic and ginger, ground black pepper, sesame oil, and sugar. Instead of letting both the meat and vegetables marinate together overnight, Yennal Bulgogi has the vegetables added later on fresh and lets all the ingredients cook together on the tabletop stove. For all the beef and bulgogi lovers out there, this Yennal Bulgogi dish can be an exciting new way to eat beef. The meat texture of Yennal Bulgogi is even softer than that of bulgogi because on top of using the finest cuts of marbled beef that has the perfect ratio of meat to fat which just melts in your mouth, thin slices of beef rib eye steak are soaked in pureed pears and onions to further tenderize the beef. Moreover, this bbq recipe is not grilled, but rather boiled in a nice broth, so that everything tastes just that much more succulent and juicy. You can mix some of the soup in with the rice to make each spoonful a tasty munch packed with savory and nutty flavors. Where to find Yennal Bulgogi on our menu (menu number B12: https://www.hwagaejangtuh.com/home/menu/bbq) Want to learn how to make Yennal Bulgogi? Check out this video:

Posted on 10/21/2019
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