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Story About "Mul-Naengmyeon"

One of the most popular dishes during summertime is Mul-Naengmyeon, Korean icy cold noodles. It’s cold buckwheat noodles in cold beef broth with sliced beef and vegetables as garnishes on top. Traditionally, Mul-Naengmyeon was made to cool down the body, to stimulate the taste buds that went dull during summer’s heat as well as to serve as a refreshing palate cleanser. Almost every single region in Korea has their own version of Mul-Naengmyeon. The variations exist in how they make the broth, noodles, and garnishes. The most famous version hails from Pyongyang however. Mul- Naengmyeon has long been a much beloved dish from the North. It even became a peace symbol when the Inter-Korean summits featured it as a main menu.Mul-Naengmyeon's cold broth may look simple but it is packed with flavors. Including the brine of dongchimi, a type of white water kimchi, along with beef stock, it is tangy, sweet and savory. The thin noodles are soft and chewy, making it perfect for slurping. And for those who want a more powerful punch, a spicy sauce alternative exists, where instead of the broth, you get a special spicy sauce. Nonetheless, garnish is a staple for both kinds, and it consists of slices of asian pear, cucumber, sesame seeds, and a boiled egg. You can also customize further toppings by adding mustard or vinegar, which are two popular choices for this dish. Because the dish can be pretty light on its own, many people enjoy it with barbecued meat for a balanced meal.

Posted on 7/1/2019
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