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Bibim-Naengmyeon is a Korean spicy cold noodles dish popular during the summertime. This dish is extremely in demand seasonally for summer thanks to its cold temperature and strong flavors, but it is also very much beloved all year around by its enthusiasts, and often the favorite noodle dish for many noodle lovers. The ingredients and prep process for this dish are quite simple yet make a beautifully delicious dish. For noodles, cooked buckwheat noodles are chilled in an ice bath to cool down and to give a chewy texture. Then for the sauce portion, instead of a broth, bibim-naengmyeon has a sweet and spicy mixing sauce made primarily of gochujang, soy sauce, and vinegar. Some recipes may include fruit purees as additional sweeteners. This special sauce has many notes and layers of sweetness, spiciness, and tanginess. Finally, the dish is garnished with sliced pear, cucumbers, and green onions as well as toasted sesame seeds. For optimal enjoyment, we recommend first mixing the sauce and the garnished vegetables together with the noodles thoroughly. This mixing process is what gives the dish its name since “bibim” means to mix in Korean. Bibim-Naengmyeon is usually eaten alongside barbecue because the fatty and nutty flavors of grilled meat compliment beautifully with the acidity in the dish that helps to break down the meat’s fat content.

Posted on 8/5/2019

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