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Story About "Tempura Udong"

Tempura Udon has to be one of the most beloved national dishes in Japan. Its simple yet addictively delicious umami flavors of udon broth have captured the taste buds of Japan for years. This hot noodle soup is also hugely popular in Korea, and have become a classic staple noodle dish of choice for both the young and the old over time. Dare we say the elements that comprise a bowl of tempura udon, which are broth, noodles, and garnish, have been refined to a point of near perfection. First, the broth is made from brewing soy sauce, dashi broth, and mirin together, which produces a beautiful stock of a light brown hue that is the ultimate combination of saltiness and savoriness. Using this broth as the seasoned base, garnishes of tempura shrimp, fish cake pieces, and vegetables like green onions are added into the bowl. These garnishes add a variety of taste and texture like crispness and crunchiness to the dish. Then last but certainly not least, udon noodles take center stage. Thicker than most other noodles out there, udon noodles have a nice texture to them that is chewy and soft. The overall impression of taste that tempura udon leaves is one of subtle savoriness and neutral flavors that grow on you. With colder months approaching, tempura udon is definitely a recommended hot noodle dish for fall. Feel free to slurp the soup to really taste the goodness of the katsuobushi broth. If you wish to have more of the udon, we also offer extra noodles for you to add. Where to find Tempura Udon on our menu (menu number N3: Want to learn how to make Tempura Udon? Check out this video:

Posted on 10/7/2019
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