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Story About "Eel Gui"

Eel Gui is a Korean fusion dish that’s mouth-wateringly savory and nutritious! Unagi, long beloved and known in Asian cuisine as a stamina and energy booster, is marinated in a sweet and salty sauce with soy sauce, then barbecue grilled until it’s nice and golden brown. The top layers of the special sauce caramelize while the meat of the fish gets cooked to an incredibly tender and soft texture. It seriously just melts in your mouth. Unagi is a rare and special delicacy across Asia because it’s high in protein and a natural source rich in vitamins A and E, and omega-3 fatty acids. Its many health benefits make this traditional dish a favorite amongst Japanese and Korean cuisine lovers. The fillet is gutted but unagi has many little tiny bones that you may feel them when you take a bite. We recommend having it with steamed rice along with other banchans that are served. It may be a new type of seafood for some, but once you taste this beauty, you’ll fall in love. This dish is simple with few ingredients required, a beautiful piece of eel that is glazed with sauce, cooked, then garnished with sesame seeds. However, it’s packed with flavor, enough to satisfy any foodie or seafood enthusiast out there.

Posted on 1/30/2019
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