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Story About "Bul Nak Jungol"

Bul Nak Jungol is one of our ultimate healthy and hearty dishes for fall thanks to its rich assortment of ingredients and spices. It’s definitely a strong recommendation for braving the cold seasons. Bul Nak Jungol is a bulgogi and octopus spicy stew with a mix of vegetables like onions, mushrooms, carrots, and green onions. The seasoning is also packed with classic Korean flavors including chilli flakes, soy sauce, garlic, gochujang, which is a fermented red pepper paste, and doenjang, a Korean fermented soybean paste. This spicy and savory mixture of a sauce divinely compliments both the seafood and the bulgogi. Some versions of Bul Nak Jungol also include noodles, whether it’s vermicelli noodles or udon noodles to add extra texture to the dish. Octopus is an amazing healthy ingredient and extremely popular for these benefits. Its protein to fat ratio makes octopus great for those who wish to regain physical strength and vitality. When Bul Nak Jungol comes to a boil, sip the soup first to get a taste for the richness of the spicy savory broth, which gets made with kelp and anchovy stock. This seafood consomme becomes a beautiful base for the spicy and rich ingredients. Koreans believe that spiciness chases away a cold because of the fact that hot chilli makes you sweat and sweating helps to get rid of toxins and viruses in the body. This meal will not only make you full, but also feel refreshed. The large size of this dish is ideal for sharing, so enjoy it with friends and family over a bowl of rice. Where to find Bul Nak Jungol on our menu (menu number H21: https://www.hwagaejangtuh.com/home/menu/soup) Want to learn how to make Bul Nak Jungol? Check out this video:

Posted on 12/2/2019
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