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Story About "Mukeunji Daeji Galbi Jungol"

An amazing dish to share with friends and family, Kimchi Mandu Jungol is a hot pot made of tofu, kimchi, some vegetables and mandu, which are dumplings. All these ingredients come together as they boil in a rich and creamy broth. An extra special sauce, consisting of soy sauce, gochujang, red hot chilli flakes, and minced garlic, is added to the soup to further intensify and deepen its flavors. For a rather simple dish, this hot pot is a sure crowd pleaser. The broth exudes delicious flavors of kimchi that even for people who might be unfamiliar with kimchi can easily enjoy it. And for kimchi lovers, this Jungol, meaning hot pot in Korean, is a definite home run. With a bowl of rice, put some of the soup over the rice and mix it well to try it by itself or with other banchans. As autumn kicks into gear and the weather starts to get colder, this hot pot dish will warm you right up from the inside. Kimchi Mandu Jungol is also popular among Korean mothers because it’s a smart way to make use of leftovers in the fridge and to create an incredible dish out of them. Filled with a variety of textures and tastes, this hot pot boasts a mushy softness from the tofu and mandu that contrasts with a nice crunch of kimchi and vegetables like green onions. For taste, prominent flavors include nuttiness, spiciness, savoriness, and some tanginess coming from the kimchi. Where to find Kimchi Mandu Jungol on our menu (menu number H24: Want to learn how to make Kimchi Mandu Jungol? Check out this video:

Posted on 9/30/2019
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