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Our story of Gam Ja Jungol

Gamja Jungol is a rich and hearty stew made with potatoes, vegetables, and kimchi, all simmering together in spicy pork bone broth. In Korean, gamja means potatoes, and jungol means hot pot. This quintessential Korean stew will have you sweating away any signs of a cold this season. The broth itself is seasoned to glorious perfection with gochujang and red pepper flakes whilst the texture is nice and thick thanks to potato starch, which naturally deposits into the soup. Cooked kimchi in the stew boasts savoriness, tanginess, and nuttiness that you can’t find with regular kimchi. The marriage of flavors between the creamy base of pork bone broth and tangy kimchi establishes a careful balance in taste that make this dish so addictive and have eaters constantly reaching for more. The heaviness of this stew combined with the easy availability of its ingredients make this dish particularly popular during winter. Gamja Jungol comes in generous portions, making it an ideal dish for sharing with a group. Grab a spoonful of the soup, pour it over a bowl of rice, mix it well, and enjoy! Where to find Gamja Jungol on our menu (menu number H22: https://www.hwagaejangtuh.com/home/menu/soup)

Posted on 1/22/2020

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