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Kanjang Kejang, a raw crabs dish, is one of the most popular dishes in Korea during spring time because that is when fishermen and women catch a lot of fresh crabs. These crabs are then marinated in a special sauce for 24 plus hours to create a one of a kind dish with an unforgettable taste. The recipe itself is quite simple. Fresh blue crabs are soaked in a sauce comprised of soy sauce, the star ingredient in this dish, with fruits, onions, garlic, ginger, and chili peppers. The end result is raw crab with the softest meat that literally melts in your mouth and seasoned in this magical stock that is jam packed with flavors. Because it’s raw, the texture is much softer than cooked crab meat as well as colder, slimier, chewier, and more tender. It’s definitely one of the most exhilarating and interesting textures in asian seafood cuisine. The taste is also quite unique in that it’s a combination of saltiness, sweetness, and nuttiness with a pungent sour kick of vinegar. The best way to enjoy Kanjang Kejang is to first separate its legs, claws, and body. Then, cut the hard shell open to have a bite of the meat. Don’t throw away the shell so easily. We recommend sucking on the remaining shell for some amazing flavors. A popular way to eat Kanjang Kejang is to put a couple scoops of rice on the crab’s belly, then mix it well so that the sauce, meat, and rice are all jumbled together. Use the shell like a dish, and eat it straight out of the shell using a spoon. It’s incredibly tasty this way. Having Kanjang Kejang with rice helps to mellow out the strong salty and savory flavors of the sauce.

Posted on 5/6/2019

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