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Story About "Jo Gae Tang"

Jo Gae Tang is a Korean-style shellfish stew. It’s a delightful seafood dish that is refreshing and perfect for the summer time. It’s similar to bouillabaisse in that it’s a clam and shellfish soup but with an asian flair in its ingredients. Our clams, which are thoroughly cleaned and prepped to meet our standards of freshness, are brought to a boil with anchovies, garlic, green onions, jalapeno peppers, and seaweed. This creates a broth that is both rich in flavor and deeply savory with that signature seafood taste. This dish makes a great anju, meaning it goes amazingly well with alcohol. We recommend trying Jo Gae Tang with soju, our house liquor of choice. Or if you prefer a creamier combination, try Mak Geol Li, a Korean rice wine. For food pairings, Hae Mul Jun, which is our fried seafood pancake, is a popular selection to have with Jo Gae Tang. Both are a variety of seafood dishes, but Hae Mul Jun with its fatty and crunchy bites is a great balance to the fresh and clean flavors of Jo Gae Tang.

Posted on 6/24/2019
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