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Story About "Gop Chang Bokeum"

Soondae Bokkeum is a Korean blood sausage stir fry. Soondae in Korean means blood sausage, which is an incredibly popular dish in and of itself in Korea by both young and old as after-school snacks or street food. But made into a special stir fry dish with spicy sauce, it simply becomes irresistible. Vegetables like carrots, spinach, onions, and cabbage get stir fried with soondae in a sauce that includes sesame oil, red pepper flakes, soy sauce, and gochujang, which is a Korean red pepper paste. This assortment of vegetables gives the dish a texture variety where one bite is crunchy, the other is soft, and some are chewy. The same goes for flavors. The overall sauce of the dish definitely packs a punch. Its spicy, salty and savory flavors make you keep reaching for that drink, but within the dish you’ll taste sweetness and nuttiness from the ingredients. Soondae Bokkeum is famously great as anju, meaning the dish goes amazingly well with alcohol whether it’s soju or makgeolli, which is a milky Korean rice wine. Because the dish is quite filling and given in generous portions, it is usually shared with family and friends along with some drinks for a good time. Just like any other stir fry, you can enjoy it by itself or with rice and other banchans.

Posted on 5/18/2019
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