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Golbaengi Muchim is a spicy fresh seafood and vegetables dish that is particularly popular during summer but beloved all year long by its most devoted fans for its perfect texture combination of crunchiness and chewiness. Its strong and distinct taste as well as texture is hard to forget and even addicting for many who continue to come back for more. Chopped vegetables, including cucumber, carrots, onions, and red peppers, get mixed together in an incredible sauce with golbaengi, the star ingredient known as sea snail or whelks. Whelks are not only deliciously chewy, but nicely complements a wide variety of pairings from vegetables to noodles and rice. The magic sauce that brings all the ingredients together is a signature sweet and spicy Korean dressing that is common in Korean summer dishes because it stimulates taste buds and brings back the appetite that is often lost in hot summer weather. A concoction of garlic, hot red pepper flakes, vinegar, honey, hot pepper paste, sesame oil, and green onions packs a punch in flavors of spiciness, nuttiness, sweetness, saltiness, seafood savory freshness, and even a bit of acidity. You can add noodles if you wish, and the dish is garnished on top with sesame seeds. This dish is served cold, which is another reason Golbaengi Muchim is one of the ideal ways you can add some flavors to your summer cuisine. It makes a great side dish or a main meal.

Posted on 7/22/2019

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