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Story About "Daegu Muri Jhim"

Daegu Meori Jhim is an incredibly nutritious, rich and sumptuous meal made of codfish head with an assortment of vegetables in a delectably spicy sauce. In Korean, Daegu means codfish, Meori means head, and Jhim means steamed. This dish is not only cooked in a healthy way but has many nourishing ingredients in the recipe. Besides from the key component of codfish head, there’s also loads of bean sprouts, onions, and green onions. Codfish is a very lean meat with low fat content, that’s also soft enough to melt in your mouth. The meat in the head of the fish is typically more dense with a nuttier flavor, nonetheless, it pairs amazingly well with crunchy vegetables like bean sprouts. The hot and spicy taste of the dish complement really well with a bowl of rice, which tames its spiciness and adds a bit of sweetness. Daegu Meori Jhim is usually popular in the winter time thanks to the double heat feature of the dish, in both taste and temperature. Portions for this dish can be generous so it can be great for sharing with the rest of the banchans served. Where to find Daegu Meori Jhim on our menu (menu number S2:

Posted on 1/15/2020
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