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Story About "Jaeyook Gui"

Jaeyook Gui means grilled marinated pork in Korean. Thin slices of seasoned pork belly strips is marinated in our special spicy sauce, which includes onion, garlic, ginger, scallions, red chilli powder, sesame oil, soy sauce, and gochujang. Once the meat is thoroughly bathed in spices, it can be served stir-fried style or grilled barbecue style on our tabletop pans. Jaeyook Gui has an addictive taste that is spicy, tangy, and sweet. Once you try it, you won’t stop thinking about it. It might just become your next favorite thing to eat! This hearty meal is packed with flavor and served with banchans. You can enjoy it in versatile ways whether it’s over a bowl of steamed white rice, or as a ssam. This dish is particularly popular in Korea as anju, which is tapas style dishes that you have with alcoholic drinks. It especially pairs well with soju, which we serve in-house at Hwa Gae Jang Tuh.

Posted on 1/16/2019
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