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Our story of Galbi

If you are a fan of KBBQ, chances are you know and love Galbi. It’s one of the most popular KBBQ dishes of all time for a reason. Marinated prime beef short ribs is cooked on a tabletop grill with complimentary garlic slices in the middle. The proximity of the grill gives you great control over how your meat is cooked, its freshness, and temperature. Galbi is a favorite amongst meat lovers for its incredible marbling. The comparatively high fat to meat ratio packs each piece full with juicy flavor and gives it a melt-in-your-mouth soft texture. One of the ways you can enjoy galbi is by making a ssam. Take a piece of lettuce, and put in it what you wish: jalapenos, garlic, pickled onions, galbi, and Ssamjang. All wrapped up, it’s ready to be eaten. Our house staple soybean soup with tofu is served with Galbi.

Posted on 1/4/2019

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