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Our story of Junbok Juk

Junbok Juk is a Korean rice porridge dish with sliced abalone and vegetables. It’s regarded as “the king of porridges” for its rich ingredients. Abalone has long been considered as one of ocean’s treasures because of its many known health benefits. Naturally full of minerals and vitamins, abalones live on rocks at the bottom of the ocean. Once taken out of its shell and cooked with rice, the abalone turns to have an incredibly soft and chewy texture along with the creaminess of the rice. The dish is seasoned with sesame oil, soy sauce, and fish sauce. Together with abalones, Junbok Juk has a deep, satisfying savory taste that is hearty but also not too heavy. It’s the perfect meal to have when you are feeling under the weather or at home with a sickness. It’s soothing and gentle enough to have on a sensitive stomach, yet also deliciously full of nutrition and will sure to make you feel better.

Posted on 3/29/2019

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