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Story About "Yook Hwae Bibimbap"

Yook Hwae Bibimbap is a Korean beef tartare with rice and vegetables. This dish includes fresh cuts of beef, prepared in a sanitary condition and seasoned in a classic Korean sauce, to be mixed together with rice and various other cooked vegetables. Almost every component to this dish is seasoned in its own way, and the sauce primarily consists of soy sauce and sesame oil. The seasoning is intentionally kept simple in order to highlight the fresh ingredients and only to compliment their original flavors. The taste of sesame oil can be prominent, but paired with beef, it gives the dish extra nuttiness, not to mention how beautifully it marries with pine nuts that’s used as garnish. Any savoriness in the dish comes from the use of scallions and garlic in the seasoning and the subtle sweetness that blends throughout the dish is from fruits like asian pear. Yook Hwae Bibimbap is a cold dish mainly due to the raw beef that needs to remain fresh along with the vegetables and rice. As the name of the dish “bibimbap” indicates, thoroughly mix all of the ingredients together so that with each spoonful, you get a bite of all the different elements of vegetables, beef, and rice. This rice bowl is a healthy and light delight for the summer that is also filling. If you want a spicy version, you can add some gochujang for extra flavor.

Posted on 9/3/2019
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