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Our story of Seafood Dolsot Bibimbap

If you are a fan of Korean cuisine, you’ve probably noticed by now that there are many variations to bibimbap. This one pot meal of building on rice with seasoned vegetables and protein options, then mixing it all together with condiments like gochujang has become a famous dish worldwide. Whether you choose to have it cold or hot in a dolsot, which is a heated stone bowl that keeps all of the ingredients nice and warm throughout your meal, the flexibility offered in bibimbap recipes is one of the reasons for its beloved status. Given how popular bibimbap is in Korea, almost every provincial region in Korea put their particular spin on it, adding in their town’s prominent harvests to make their own versions. For example, Tong Yeong bibimbap consists of a wide assortment of seafood ingredients because Tong Yeong is a port city that boasts an abundance in amazing fresh seafood. Even within seafood bibimbap, many variations can be found. With the addition of some lettuce and raw sashimi, it’s a whe-dop-bap, but if the food is contained in a dolsot, it’s a seafood dolsot bibimbap, which is great during colder seasons. With Seafood Dolsot Bibimbap, steamed rice topped with a variety of seafood like shrimp and octopus along with seasoned and cooked vegetables such as carrots, spinach, mushrooms, and bean sprouts get served in a hot stone pot with a spicy sauce. Thanks to the copious number of ingredients in the dish, Seafood Dolsot Bibimbap is not only incredibly healthy with lots of fiber, vitamins, and other important nutrients, but also provides a diversity of tastes and textures that is deliciously crunchy, chewy, and mushy. Where to find Seafood Dolsot Bibimbap on our menu (menu number R2: https://www.hwagaejangtuh.com/home/menu/rice

Posted on 10/28/2019

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