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Story About "Goon Mandu"

Happy Korean Independence Day! Did you know that March 1st 2019 is the 100th anniversary of the Korean Independence Day? If you didn’t, well now you do! To celebrate, we thought we would talk about an oldie but a goodie. Goon Mandu is a traditional Korean fried dumpling. A form of dumpling exists across all types of cuisine that is not just limited to Asia. Something about having delicious filling inside a dough is universally appealing. The flavors might differ but you can find its Italian cuisine variety in ravioli and Latin American one in empanadas. They are especially beloved in Asian cuisine. Existing as staples in Chinese and Japanese cuisines, it’s no exception in Korean cuisine. Goon Mandu is an old-time classic recipe with filling made from beef, pork, tofu, and vegetables such as onions, chives, mushrooms, and minced garlic. They are mixed together with sesame oil, soy sauce, and black pepper until all the seasoning is thoroughly seeped in the filling. Then, they are wrapped and pan fried until nice and golden brown. Every bite opens with a crunch and leads to a mouthful of steamy and flavorful filling.

Posted on 3/4/2019
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