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Doen-jang Jji-gae is a Korean stew made with fermented soybean paste. It’s a true staple dish that you can find in every Korean home. Beloved by everyone, Doen-jang Jji-gae is the ultimate comfort food for Koreans because it’s a reminder of home and especially of mom’s home cooked meals. For ingredients, the soup contains diced tofu, squash, onions, potato, and beef. Boiled together, all these ingredients married with the Doen-jang sauce produce the most sumptuous, yummy and healthy meal that just seem to have people coming back for more. A must is that you have a bowl of rice with Doen-jang Jji-gae. Take a bit of the soup with your spoon, spread it on the rice, and mix it before you enjoy. The starchiness and sweetness of rice go amazingly well with the salty, nutty, and savory flavors of the soup. Slices of red pepper as garnish can add a bit of heat to the dish as well. Doen-jang means soybean paste, or miso as it’s also named. It’s an incredibly diverse sauce with recipes found in all different types of Asian cuisine, from Japanese to Chinese. As a paste sauce, you can virtually add it to any dish you wish, whether it’s to bibimbap, to dumplings, or to soup. The longer you let Doen-jang ferment in its pot, the deeper its taste gets. Also, due to its required period of fermentation, doen-jang is known to be a strong source of probiotics.

Posted on 4/29/2019

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