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Story About "Tang Soo Yook or Sachun Tang Soo Yook"

Tang Soo Yook is a Chinese-Korean fusion dish that is a sure crowd pleaser and great for sharing. This dish has two components: fried meat with vegetables then the sweet and sour sauce. The main ingredients of the dish comprise of your choice of meat that’s between chicken, pork, and shrimp, then chopped vegetables of onions, bell peppers, carrots, and cabbage. The meat is prepped, then dunked in a special batter to be then deep fried, where as the vegetables are stir-fried, and later mixed together with the meat. The texture of this dish is truly magical and addictive. Fried meat pieces offer a crunchiness and crispiness that beautifully compliments the softness and tenderness of fried vegetables. Then the tangy sauce has a gooey-jelly like texture that brings the whole dish together both in terms of taste and texture. You can enjoy this dish in two ways. Either use the sauce for dipping or pour it over the entire dish. Some people can have very strong preferences when it comes to how they want to eat Tang Soo Yook. If you want to bite down on a coat of crispy fried goodness, then we recommend using the sauce for dipping. If you wish your meat and vegetables completely drenched and soaked in the sweet and sour sauce, we suggest pouring it.

Posted on 7/29/2019
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